Tyefield Place and Manor Gardens

Client: McCarthy & Stone

Millward Case Study

This scheme consisted two projects:
Tyefield Place is a two storey apartment block and consists:

  • 16 one bed apartments
  • 19 two bed apartments
  • Communal lounge
  • Ample parking
  • Staff facilities

Manor Gardens is a residential scheme with:

  • 29 two and three bedroom cottages
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Ample parking

Both developments are located in the beautiful town of Hadleigh in Suffolk and are a short walk away from the town and adjacent to the River Bhett.

We were involved in the feasibility/conceptual design right through to detailed construction design. We worked with the client to gain planning for the builds, including producing drainage strategies and flood risk assessments. Our works included the preparation of structural design calculations for all structural elements to be adopted in the substructure and superstructure. Civils work also included road design to tie into the existing built road geometry.

Added Value

The scheme proved to be complex in terms of its position – both projects were adjacent to the town of Hadleigh and the River Bhett. This meant we had to create the following solutions:

  • We designed a new footbridge over the River Bhett. High ground water meant the foundation solutions had to be in keeping with this.
  • Hadleigh High Street contains many Listed buildings. Prior to construction McCarthy & Stone partially demolished an existing building in close proximity to a Listed building to enable a temporary access road. We had to develop a design solution, taking into account the shallow foundations and unconventional construction.
  • We acted as Temporary works designer for McCarthy and Stone throughout the construction period.

As a long-term client, Millward clearly understood this brief and the needs and expectations of the development. Our policy is one Associate leads for each client and is the single point of contact.  Our long-standing relationship with McCarthy & Stone (an eight year relationship) means we have developed an excellent relationship.