Northbrook Close

Client: Larkfleet Homes

Value: £3.6million

Northbrook Close

This was the build of 19 homes in Rutland. Millward undertook the detailed design of S38 Roads and S104 drainage.

The detailed design included 3D design of road and external levels to plots. Surface water design included the design of a permeable carriageway pavement structure (to adoptable standards) which allowed the carriageway run off to infiltrate into the sub strata. We were responsible for the design of private soakaways for all plots. Foul water design included a private sewer network within the development before outfall into the adopted sewer network. The design also included specification and design of a private foul pumping station.

Full detailed design drawings were produced and subsequently approved by Rutland County Council and Anglian Water.

Added Value

We work with Larkfleet on a regular basis – they utilise our commercial awareness which enables them to maximise the site at all times, enabling them to deliver a product which is attractive for their own clients and provides a greater economical return. Due to our approach of allocating small teams to deliver a client’s project, we were able to quickly react to any site layout changes during the construction period to ensure a smooth delivery.

As a long-term client, Millward clearly understood this brief and the needs and expectations of the development. Our policy is one Associate leads for each client and is the single point of contact. Our long-standing relationship with Larkfleet (a six year relationship) means we have developed an excellent relationship with their other consultants. This enables us all to work as ‘one team’ to ensure the smooth execution of each project.