Student Accommodation, Sheffield

Client: Toscafield Property 2 Limited (Mabec)

Millward Case Study

This project is the refurbishment of the former five storey Sheffield Star building (consisting offices, editorial, press, printing and distribution centre) into student accommodation with 250 rooms. The building has also been extended by the addition of a single storey floor on top of the existing building. The building is both steel and concrete frame. The project is conveniently located in Sheffield City centre and is within the Cathedral Conservation Area.

We were involved at planning stage with works including the review and detailed investigation of the existing structure, and the design of new elements including the additional floor. During planning, we provided a flood risk assessment and drainage strategy. We worked with Yorkshire Water and submitted a Section 106 drainage application as well as Section 278 works.

Added Value

We have been involved with the scheme since its inception and have a trusted working relationship with the developer. Extensive structural information was necessary prior to starting work on the scheme. Due to the age of the building, this information wasn’t readily available. Our Associate carried out extensive research on the building, and managed to track down a retired architect who had worked on the project with access to hard copy information on the scheme. This information was purchased, therefore avoiding expensive surveys for the developer, which could potentially be a loss should the building have proved not suitable for the planned refurbishment.

Our proactive attitude facilitated cost savings for our client, who are a repeat client. Time savings were also achieved through the contractor being able to start on site sooner than anticipated due to the above solutions. Our design solution to utilise the building’s basement and add an additional storey has optimised the building’s future value in terms of student rental.