We are looking for a Structural engineer who is looking for a bit more then delivering designs all day. An experienced structural engineer, of any level is a basic requirement – but what we are really looking for is an ambitious person with drive and lots of enthusiasm. A person who enjoys helping secure the next project and gets excited for the challenge that lays ahead. A person who is determined to deliver the very best way they can; not only managing expectations but exceeding them. You must be commercially minded and have strong people skills. You must have a desire to grow both personally and professionally. Positivity is the strongest character trait that we are looking for, with a strong desire to learn how to manage teams, workloads and most importantly client expectations. 

Millward recently celebrated our 30-year journey. Over this time, we have grown and evolved and are looking to move into the next era with a directorship team of people who are hungry to make their own mark and to build a future that they dictate. 

For your enthusiasm, energy and hard work we are offering a share holding in our successful business, along with a competitive salary package. But the best part of this role is that you get to decide what your career looks like and shape it. This opportunity is for both those who already have the skills and those who don’t have the skills right now, but are hungry to develop them. 

If this sound like you then please drop an email to Managing Director, Nicola Millward (nicola@millward.co.uk) letting her know in just one paragraph what you want your future to look like and we can see if there’s a fit.